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Innovative catalytic EDA complex
T. Inoue 2/2/2023

Lasso Grafting
S. Terada 1/26/2023


pH-sensitive size-shrinking nanoparticles for cancer therapy
S. Takamaru 1/19/2023


Type A & B Niemann-Pick disease
and acid sphingomyelinase structure

R. Matsukawa 1/12/2023

Computational chemistry-based
improvement of bioconjugation reactions

M. Habazaki 12/22/2022

Function of histone methyltransferase EZH2
and development of EZH2 inhibitors

M. Onoda 12/1/2022


Phosphorus-Fluoride Exchange (PFEx)
~Another good reaction for click chemistry~

T. Fukuta 11/10/2022

Introducing CF3 Groups on Nitrogen Atoms
K. Miyauchi 10/21/2022

Advances in covalent drug discovery
X. Zhai 10/12/2022

Persistent/Stable sulfur-based radical cations in organic chemistry
Y. Katayama 9/29/2022

Chelation as a Tool of Therapy
H. Umeda 9/1/2022


Site-selective acylation of complex molecules by 4-pyrrolidinopyridine catalyst
Y. Irie 8/25/2022

Selective Epimerization of Sugars Inspired by Radical-Based Synthetic Mechanisms
R. Kuroda 6/9/2022


Cleavage of disulfide bonds using visible light
Y. Azumaya 5/23/2022

Transition Metal Catalysis in Living Systems
W. Atsumi 4/15/2022


Improvement of Sonodynamic Cancer Therapy
by Porphyrin-Based Sonosensitizer

K. Kawabata 1/28/2022


Tag-assisted Liquid-phase Peptide Synthesis
K. Oikawa 1/19/2022




Activation by One Electron Oxidation
K. Miyauchi 12/17/2021

Biological Applications of Chemiluminescence
H. Umeda 12/15/2021


Photoinduced Copper-Catalyzed C-N Couplings
Y. Irie 11/17/2021


Photoelectrochemistry in Organic Synthesis
R. Kuroda 11/11/2021


Intracellular delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 RNP for medical applications
Y. Azumaya 11/5/2021

Recent advances in the use of phosphoranyl radical
T. Fukuta 10/28/2021


Chalcogen bonding and latest application
X. Zhai 10/21/2021

Amyloid Probe
-Insights into Its Binding Sites and Selectivity-

W. Atsumi 10/14/2021


Development of proximity protein labeling
H. Nakao 10/07/2021


Deconstructive Functionalization via C(sp3)-C(sp3) Bond Cleavage
M. Yamane 9/30/2021


(Q&A: 661KB)
Nuclear analysis using Raman Spectroscopy
T. Nozaki 9/3/2021


(Q&A: 612KB)
Glycan Engineering in Living Cells
Y. Yamanashi 8/19/2021


(Q&A: 1.1MB)
P(V) reagents for stereodivergent synthesis of phosphothioate
K. Fujiyoshi 7/29/2021


(Q&A: 1.6MB)
Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of α-Synuclein
A. Iwai 7/8/2021


(Q&A: 971KB)
Improvement of Native Chemical Ligation
by Extending from Sulfur to Selenium

M. Habazaki 6/17/2021


(Q&A: 1.5MB)
Metal-Metal Bonds Using Redox-Active Ligands
Y. Katayama 6/3/2021

What determines the binding affinity?
X. Zhai 4/30/2021



Aggregation and Fibrillar Structure of α-synuclein
K. Kawabata 12/17/2020

Molecular mechanism and functionalization of optogenetic tool
from the protein perspective

M. Habazaki 12/10/2020


(Q&A: 1.1MB)
Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Based Photon Upconversion
Y. Katayama 11/26/2020

Peptide synthesis utilizing micro-flow technology
K. Oikawa 11/19/2020


(Q&A: 284KB)
Anti-Markovnikov Hydroamination of Alkenes
H. Nakao 11/11/2020

Hydrogenation of Arenes for Organic Synthesis
Y. Hirao 10/23/2020


(Q&A: 791KB)
Synthetic fluorescent probes for copper in biological systems
N. Konoue 10/1/2020

Catalytic N2 Fixation
S. Tanabe 9/2/2020


(Q&A: 526KB)
Enhancing bioactive-peptide by conformationally controlled mimetics
Y. Kamimura 8/5/2020


(Q&A: 859KB)
Novel Approaches for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
A. Iwai 6/17/2020

Manipulation of Biologically Important Structures Using
the “End-to-End Distance Change” of Azobenzene Photoswitches

M. Yamane 6/8/2020


(Q&A: 557KB)
Nanoparticle-Augmented Sonodynamic Therapy
W. Atsumi 6/1/2020


(Q&A: 496KB)
The Emergence of Complexity Using Chemical Self-replicators
Y. Yamanashi 5/28/2020

DNA-barcoded nucleosome library
T. Nozaki 5/25/2020

Matrix Isolation Method
Y. Nishioka 5/18/2020

Metal complexes as hydrolytic catalysts of phosphate diester cleavage
K. Fujiyoshi 5/14/2020


(Q&A: 658KB)
Peptide Vaccine for Infectious Disease
E. Toyama 5/11/2020


(Q&A: 755KB)
Host-guest chemistry based bioconjugation:
progress toward in cell application

Y. Yamanashi 2/28/2020


(Q&A: 3.9MB)
The Oxygen Sensor Mechanism of PHD
K. Fujiyoshi 2/6/2020


(Q&A: 1.1MB)
N-terminal specific protein modification
T. Nozaki 1/30/2020


(Q&A: 2.0KB)
Total Synthesis of Illicium Sesquiterpenes
A. Iwai 1/23/2020

Cleavable linkers in antibody drug conjugates
N. Konoue 1/20/2020


(Q&A: 261KB)


Sulfur-Fluoride Exchange (SuFEx)
K. Maruyama 11/28/2019

G-quadruplexes in RNAs and DHX36
M. Furuta 11/21/2019


(Q&A: 554KB)
Deep Generative Model for De Novo Drug Design
K. Sasamoto 11/14/2019

Diabetes treatment and latest research
S. Murata 10/31/2019

Drug delivery system with anaerobic bacteria for cancer therapy
K. Takahashi 10/17/2019


(Q&A: 514KB)
Light-Driven Molecular Motor
E. Toyama 10/3/2019


(Q&A: 516KB)
ALS and RNA binding proteins as therapeutic target
S. Majima 9/26/2019


(Q&A: 67KB)
Epoxide in Organic Synthesis
Y. Hirao 9/19/2019

Boronic Acid Assisted Bioorthogonal Chemistry
S. Xi 8/22/2019

Artificial Force Induced Reaction
Y. Nishioka 8/1/2019

Organic Electrosynthesis
E. Toyama 7/25/2019

Recognition of Hydrophilic Molecules by Designed Small Molecular Receptor in Water
Y. Kamimura 7/19/2019

Asymmetric Counteranion Directed Catalysis
Y. Hirao 6/27/2019

Cerium Photocatalysis
S. Tanabe 5/9/2019

Mechanochemistry in Organic Synthesis
K. Sakai 3/28/2019


(Q&A: 251KB)
Reaction of Cobaloxime with Hydrogen Evolution
Y. Nishioka 1/31/2019

Iron-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions
S. Tanabe 1/17/2019

2D Materials
T. Sawazaki 1/10/2019



Mining and engineering natural-product biosynthetic pathways
Y. Kamimura 12/18/2018

Chemical Lysine Modification at a Single Site
S. Murata 12/20/2018


(Q&A: 251KB)
Sonodynamic Therapy
K. Takahashi 12/13/2018

Stereoselective Synthesis of α,α-Disubstituted-α-amino Acids
H. Horigome 11/15/2018

Therapeutic Target for Cancer Metastasis:
Regulation of TGF-β by Post Translational Modification

Y. Fujiwara 11/7/2018

Carbon-Carbon Bond Activation
H. Fuse 10/6/2018

Flow Chemistry
-"micro" flow to "fine" flow
T. Fujita 9/22/2018

Lisosomal Storage Disease and Its Treatment
M. Furuta 9/15/2018


(Q&A: 525KB)
Peptide and Protein Ligation
S. Xi 7/21/2018

Halogen Bond - Application in Organic Synthesis
K. Maruyama 7/14/2018

Achievement of Protein Thermostability by Amino Acid Substitution
S. Majima 6/30/2018

Lithiation-Borylation Methodology and Its Application in Synthesis
H. Chen 6/23/2018

Computer-Assisted Retrosynthesis
K. Sasamoto 6/2/2018


Design Concepts of Nitroxyl Radicals
K. Maruyama 3/10/2018

Boron-catalyzed Amide Formation
K. Sasamioto 3/2/2018

Total Synthesis of Bryostatins
-Previous Achievements and Krische's Work-

H. Chen 2/14/2018

Chemical Protein Modification with Rhodium Metallopeptides Catalysts
M. Furuta 2/10/2018

Present state of membrane permeable peptides and its application
H. Horigome 1/20/2018



Valorization of Lignin
K. Watanabe 11/30/2017

C-H activation of aliphatic amines without unnecessary mask
T. Togo 11/25/2017


Conditional control of protein degradation with small molecule
K. Yamaji 10/21/2017

Terpene cyclization inside supramolecular capsule catalyst
K. Ito 8/26/2017

Soai reaction - Asymmetric autocatalysis with amplification of ee -
T. Ishiyama 8/19/2017

R. Newlon 7/22/2017

Iridium-Catalyzed Selective Allylic Substitution
H. Fuse 7/15/2017

Iridium-Catalyzed Selective Allylic Substitution
T. Fujita 5/20/2017

Regioselectivity Obtained by Using Non-covalent Interactions
K. Sakai 4/15/2017

Hybridzation of Nickel Catalysis and Photoredox Catalysis
H. Fuse 2/4/2017

Chiral Supramolecular Catalyst for Asymmetric Reaction
T. Fujita 1/21/2017



Late-stage C-H functionalization for drug development
K. Sakai 12/17/2016

Organic reaction "on water"
T. Matsueda 10/1/2016

Helically Chiral Polymer Ligand, "PQXphos"
H. Kajino 9/1/2016

KaiC Protein Oscillation in Vitro
Y. Kanzaki 8/27/2016


Bio-inspired C-H functionalization by metal-oxo complexes
N. Nagashima 7/23/2016

Epimerization of Peptide
R. Hirano 6/25/2016

Epigenome editing ; application of genome editing tools
K. Yamaji 6/09/2016

Enzyme mimicking catalyst 〜Metal encapsulation by supramolecular〜
K. Ito 4/29/2016

C-H Activation Using Metal-Organic Cooperative Catalysis
R. Hirano 2/27/2016

Investigations on HAT catalyst mechanisms and its site-specificity
K. Yamaji 2/13/2016

sp3 C-H insertion by α-oxo gold carbene
K. Ito 1/30/2016

Site-Selective Bioconjugation to Protein
T. Ishiyama 1/23/2016



Journey from Lanthanide Triflate
to Metalloenzyme-Like Catalyst

H. Kajino 11/21/2015

Controlled Coordination-Insertion Copolymerization
-For the Synthesis of Functional Polyolefins -

Y. Kanzaki 10/10/2015

Cross Electrophile Coupling
T. Wakaki 9/19/2015

Proton Coupled Electron Transfer
Y. Shimizu 8/22/2015


- focusing on nucleophilic addition -

H. Nagai 8/8/2015

Nitrogen Centered Radical Ligand
N. Nagashima 7/4/2015

Evolution of organocatalyst
-focused on MacMillan's work-
T. Matsueda 5/9/2015

Chemistry of Azaborine family
-focusing on Shih-Yuan Liu’s work-

H. Nagai 3/19/2015

[3 + 3] Cycloaddition by 1,3-Dipoles
- new method for cyclization reaction -

N. Nagashima 2/21/2015

Prebiotic phosphorylation and trimetaphosphate chemistry
T. Matsueda 1/31/2015



Chemistry of Boryl Anion
-focusing on M. Yamashita's work-

Y. Morita 12/13/2014


Stille Coupling
-comprehensive catalyutic cycle and mechanistic factors-

K. Hanada 10/12/2014


Covalent Drugs
T. Araya 10/4/2014


Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry (IM-MS)
K. Shinoda 9/27/2014


Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)
- Development of Innovative Drugs and Analytical Methods -

Y. Seki 9/6/2014

Catalytic Hydrogenation of Amides
J. Ozawa 8/1/2014

Anti-Markovnikov Olefin Functionalization
-Prof. Robert H. Grubbs’ Work-

S. Ito 7/4/2014

C-H Activation in Total Synthesis
M. Tashiro 6/21/2014

Discovery of a New Horizon
-Flow Chemistry to Human on a Chip-

T. Ukai 6/19/2014

PPI Modulators
-Toward nextgeneration therapeutics-

Y. Shimizu 5/22/2014

How was an artificial ribozyme developed into bio-venture.
- Case Study of Peptidream-
T. Matsumoto 4/26/2014


Artificial Enzyme
-Computational Design of Catalytic Functions-
Y. Shimizu 2/3/2014

"Reaction with Mechanical Force"
K. Aoki 1/27/2014


-A New Paradigm of Ligand Design-
Overview of Dehydrogenation Chemistry
T. Ukai 1/20/2014

"Sarah E Reisman"
-A Unified Strategy to ent-Kauranoid Natural Products-
T. Shirai 1/11/2014




Metal Complex Catalysis in Biological Conditions
T. Araya 12/2/2013


Bioorthogonal Reaction
K. Hanada 11/18/2013


New Method of Nitrogen Fixation System
S. Kato 10/21/2013


(Q&A: 320KB)
Introduction of FluorineContainning Functional Groups
-The Many Roles for Fluorine in Medicinal Chemistry-
K. Kaneko 10/19/2013

Total Synthesis of Maoecrystal V
Z. Wang 9/28/2013

Asymmetric Catalytic Photoreactions in Solution
J. Ozawa 9/9/2013

Olefin Metathesis -Well-Defined RuCatalysts-
S. Ito 8/5/2013

Lignocellulose Conversion toward Green and Sustainable Society
Y. Seki 7/29/2013

Molecular Capsule
H. Ida 7/8/2013

Switchable Catalysis
Y. Morita 7/1/2013

-Aromaticity and Molecule@C60-
K. Yamamoto 5/27/2013

Metal Species for Amide Hydrolysis
K. Shinoda 5/11/2013

Catalysis through Induced Intramolecularity using Reversible Covalent Bonding
T. Itoh 4/22/2013

Spin State in Organometallic Complex
-Focusing on S. Shaik's work-
H. Ikemoto 4/15/2013

Drugs for Amyloid β -Protein
K. Shinoda 2/2/2013


(Q&A: 1.0MB)
Hypervalent Silicon in Organic Chemistry
T. Itoh 1/5/2013


(Q&A: 109KB)


Redox Non-Innocent Ligands in Catalysis
H. Ikemoto 12/22/2012

Hydrogen-Bond Donor: Urea/Thiourea
H. Ida 12/17/2012

Copper Catalyzed Aerobic Oxidative C-H Functionalizations
Y. Seki 12/8/2012

Can we predict good drugs ?
- the application of big database to R&D of drugs -
T. Matsumoto 11/10/2012

Ionic Liquids
T. Yamamoto 11/5/2012

Can life use arsenic instead of phosphorus ?
J. Kawai 10/27/2012


(Q&A: 106KB)
The reactivity of Group 9 metal complex (II) and the new activated species, metal carbene radical by Bas de Bruin
S. Kato 10/13/2012

Beyond Conventional NHCs
-abnormal NHC-
K. Yamamoto 9/29/2012

Matthew J. Gaunt Group
K. Kaneko 9/24/2012


(Q&A: 179KB)
Self-Healing Polymers and Composites
Y. Wang 9/10/2012

Mononuclear Metal-O2 Complexes
- bearing macrocyclic TMC ligands -
T. Sonobe 8/27/2012

N-oxy Radical Chemistry
-Toward Application for Efficient Catalysis-
S, Hashizume 7/2/2012

-as efficient Lewis acid catalysts with a unique reaction field-
K. Saito 6/23/2012

Soft Materials
-Application to Artificial Muscle-
H. Mitsunuma 6/18/2012

Ni(0)-Catalyzed Alkene-Aldehyde Non-Reductive Coupling Reaction
-Byproduct-Free Processes-
S. Kitahara 6/4/2012

Targetd Polymeric Nanoparticles
-drug delivery-
S. Ito 5/21/2012

Cu-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions
- from Pd to Cu-
J. Ozawa 5/12/2012

Application of Bioisosteres in Drug Design
Y. Morita 5/7/2012

-from mechanism to therapy-
S. Ito 1/31/2012

Total Synthesis of Laulimalide
S. Kitahara 1/17/2012

Hypervalent Bromie
-An outlaw of organic chemistry-
M. Kojima 1/10/2012



Combining Transition Metal Catalysis and Organocatalysis
Y. Morita 12/20/2011

Palladium-Catalyzed Alcohol Oxidation by Direct O2-Coupled Turnover
J. Ozawa 12/13/2011

Medicinal Application of Dendrimers
S. Hashizume 11/29/2011

Dearomatization Reaction
H. Mitsunuma 11/15/2011

Peptide Catalyst in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
S. Majima 11/8/2011

Möbius Aromaticity
K. Yamamoto 10/18/2011

Total Synthesis of Ingenol
T. Yamamoto 10/11/2011

Total Synthesis of Pinnatoxin A
K. Kaneko 9/6/2011

General Polymer to Smart Polymer
-Introduction of polymer chemistry-
M. Kawai 9/13/2011

Total Synthesis of Strichinine
S. Kato 8/30/2011

Titamium Dioxide Nanomaterials
K. Yasuda 7/26/2011

Chemical Approach for Carbon Nanotubes
-Recent Progress in Organic Synthesis-
J. Kawai 6/28/2011

Modern Alchemy ??
-the Chemistry of Cluster & Nanoparticle-
T. Matsumoto 6/7/2011

Walking Molecules
K. Sato 5/31/2011

Sweet Genies Hard to Catch
- Molecular Recognition of Carbohydrates in Aqueous Media-
Y. Wang 5/17/2011

Isomerization of Allylic Alcohol and Its Relevant Reactions
L. Lin 5/10/2011

Chemistry from Nature
- the Application of Evolutional Principals-
Y. Saga 4/27/2011

Ammonia in Transition Metal-Catalyzed Reaction
T. Yoshino 4/20/2011

Synthetic Dioxygen-Copper Complexes
-Toward Dioxygen Activation-
Y. Kimura 4/13/2011

Diazo-mediated Metal Carbenoid Chemistry
- Recent Development of Various Bond Formation Methods-
N. Takasu 4/6/2011

Gold-Catalyzed Nucleophilic Cyclization of Allenes
Y. Xu 3/9/2011

Total Synthesis of (+)-Peloruside A
Y.-f. Wang 2/9/2011

Autocatalysis and Self-Replication -toward synthesis of THE LIFE-
K. Sato 1/8/2011



Beyond Oil and Gas: The Methanol Economy
T. Matsumoto 12/15/2010

Total Synthesis of Sporolide B
J. Kawai 11/10/2010

Efficient Synthesis Triggered by Site-Selective
Oxidations of Aliphatic C-H Bonds
L. Yin 10/20/2010

Evolution of Boronate - Iterative Suzuki Miyaura Coupling
H. Tanabe 10/13/2010

Indium Chemistry -from Dr. Baba's works-
S. Majima 10/6/2010

The carbonyl ene reaction
S. Nakanowatari 9/30/2010

Enantioselective Synthesis of (-)-Englerins A and B
H. Komai 9/22/2010

Transition Metal Catalyzed Carbon-Carbon Bond Activation
H. Mitsunuma 9/8/2010

Total Synthesis of (+)-Complanadine A
K. Saito 9/1/2010

Supramolecular Chemistry
-Self-Assembled Complexes-
Y. Okamura 8/25/2010

Chemistry and Biology of FK506
-S. L. Schreiber's pioneering work of the "chemical biology-
S. Hashizume 7/28/2010

Cross-Dehydrogenative Coupling (CDC): Exploring C-C Bond Formations beyond Functional Group Transformations
J. Y. Wang 7/21/2010

Cross-Linking System to Stabilize Alpha-Helix Conformation in Short Peptides
S. Sakaoka 7/14/2010

Toward Realization of ideal H2 Society
- What Can We 'Organic Chemists' Make a Contribution? -
Y. Saga 7/10/2010

QSAR in Catalysis -In Silico Catalyst Design-
T. Yoshino 6/30/2010

Regioselective Reductive Cross-Coupling Reaction
S. Mouri 6/16/2010

Reversible Interaction between Substrate and Ligand
Y. Shimizu 6/9/2010

Oxidative Enolate Coupling in Total Synthesis
S.-L. Shi 6/2/2010

Construction of C-C or C-N Bond via C-H Activation
- Chemistry of Yong-Qiang Tu -
Y, Du 5/26/2010

Aerobic Catalytic Oxidative Radical Reactions
Y. Tanaka 5/19/2010

Photoredox Catalyst in Organic Chemistry
-Toward Green & Efficient Reaction-
N. Takasu 5/12/2010

Y. Xu 4/28/2010

Organometallics for Sustainability
- Exploring Organometallics with P.J.Chirik's Work as Central Themes -
Y. Kimura 4/21/2010

Palladium Catalyzed C-H Functioinalizations: Regioselectivity, stereoselectivity, and enantioselectivity
-Chemistry of Jin-Quan Yu-
H. Mitsunuma 3/3/2010

Success Story : The Halichondrin and E7389
S. Nakanowatari 3/2/2010

-Total Synthesis and Structure-Activity Relationship-
A. Matsuzawa 2/20/2010

Total Synthesis of Abyssomicin C and Related Work
S. Hashizume 2/13/2010

Chiral Anions in Asymmetric Catalysis
R. Yazaki 1/30/2010

On the Mechanism of Higher State Oxidation States of Palladium
S. Mouri 1/20/2010



Mechanical (Machine-Like) Catalysis
-Let's consider a mechanism other than energy-dependent catalysis-

T. Mashiko 12/26/2009

Y. Xu 11/25/2009

Catalytic Hydrogenative C-C Bond Formation
T. Yukawa 11/21/2009

-From the Position between Consumer and Chemist-

Y. Morikawa 10/28/2009

Total Synthesis of (+)-Haplophytine
M. Furutachi 10/21/2009

Labeling in Living Systems - New Tools for Glycobiology
-Focused on Carolyn R. Bertozzi's works-

A. Nojiri 10/7/2009

Transition-Metal Allenylidene and Nitride Complexes in Catalytic Reactions - Metal-Ligand Multiple Bonds -
S. Takechi 9/30/2009

Low-Coordinate Iron Complexes
-Exploring Organometallics with P.L.Holland's Work as Central Themes-

Y. Kimura 9/8/2009

Y. Xu 9/2/2009

One Point Optimization of Medicinal Chemistry
Renaissance of "Deuterium" and "Fluorine"

T. Yukawa 7/29/2009

-From the Synthetic Views of the Natural Product-

Y. Morikawa 7/22/2009

Allylic C-H Functionalization via p-allyl Pd
-In case of Prof. M.C.White-

M. Furutachi 7/18/2009

N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Organocatalysts
A. Nojiri 7/8/2009

Selective C-H Oxidation
S. Takechi 7/1/2009

Functionalization of Inert sp3-Carbon-Hydrogen Bonds with a Soft Transition Metal
-Exploring Organometallics with D. Sames' Work as Central Themes-

Y. Kimura 6/17/2009

Nozaki-Hiyama-Kishi Reaction
R. Yazaki 6/3/2009

Asymmetric Aziridination
S. Mouri 5/20/2009

Transition Metal Complex with Stereogenic Metal Center for Asymmetric Catalysis
T. Mashiko 5/2/2009

Syntheses of Azetidines and Azetidin-2-ones
G. Lu 4/18/2009

"Kenkyuu no Nagare wo Tsukurou" (Total Synthesis of Manzacidin)
Z. Chen 4/4/2009

Organometallics as Therapeutics Agents
K. Yamatsugu 3/17/2009

Artificial Ion Channels
-How can we regulate permeability-

S. Handa 3/7/2009

Nitrogen Fixation
A. Yamaguchi 2/21/2009

Platensimycin -Synthesis and Bioactivity-
T. Yoshino 1/28/2009

Total Synthesis of (-)-Pseudolaric Acid B
Y. Yanagida 1/24/2009

Overviews of Cascade Reactions and Multicomponent Reactions
Y. Saga 1/7/2009

Total Synthesis of Bryostatin 16 Using Atom-Economical and Chemoselective Approaches
S. Sakaoka 1/14/2009



Molecular Switch
T. Nitabaru 10/8/2008

Ligand Caused Dynamic Change in Catalyst Profile
-Improvement in Pd catalyzed aerobic alcohol oxidation-

Y. Tanaka 10/4/2008

Tokkyo (patents)
-Kenkyu-sya wo kokorozazu katahe-

N. Takahashi 9/17/2008

Molecular Catalyst for H2O oxidation / CO2 reduction
-Model for oxidation (reduction) Center for Artifitial Photosynthesis-

W. Itano 9/13/2008

Current Future Challenges in Catalysis
-C-H amination and chemo/regioselective reaction as a model cases-

H. Morimoto 9/3/2008

High valent Fe catalyzed oxidation
-A challenge to the next-generation catalyst-

Y. Suzuki 8/2/2008

Olefin Transition Metal Complexes for Cross-Coupling Reactions
Y. Kato 8/7/2008

Y. Du 7/12/2008

Strained Molecules in Organic Synthesis
-Featuring on Three-Membered Rings-

T. Nitabaru 6/18/2008

Potassium Channel
-Selectivity in Dynamic Function-

Y. Tanaka 6/4/2008

Influenza and Anti-influenza Drugs
Y. Du -/-/2008

Materials for Organic Electroluminescence
-What's Inside the Black Box?-

N. Takahashi 5/28/2008

Metal / σ-bond Interactions
-Toward an Understanding of C-H Activation-

Y. Suzuki 5/16/2008

Stereogenic Centers on Heteroatoms
Y. Kato 5/7/2008

Asymmetric Heterogeneous Catalysis
G. Lu 4/26/2008

Reaction in the Molecular Flask
-Using Self-Assembly Supramolecular Cluster-

H. Mihara 4/16/2008

Making Plastics from Carbon Dioxide
-Copolymerization of Epoxides and CO2-

Z. Chen 3/12/2008

π-Alkyne Metal Complex and Vinylidene Metal Complex in Organic Synthesis
K. Yamatsugu 2/20/2008

Phosphaalkene and Phosphoryl Ligands in Catalysis
A. Yamaguchi 2/13/2008

Overview of Synthesizing Merrilactone A
T. Yukawa 2/6/2008

Palau'amine(Pyrrole-imidazole alkaloid family)
A. Nojiri 2/2/2008

Total Synthesis of (±)-Marcfortine B
-π-Allylpalladium for the Assembly of Complex Cyclic Structure-

A. Nagawa 1/16/2008

Total Synthesis of Azadirachtin
Y. Kimura 1/9/2008



Method for Site-Selective Protein Modification
R. Motoki 12/12/2007

Frustrated Lewis Pairs(FLP)
D. Tomita 12/8/2007

Low Valent Ruthenium Catalyzed Bond-Forming Reactions with Olefins
S. Handa 11/28/2007

Strategy of Transition Metal Complexes with Acid/Base Catalysts
-An Approach to Truly Environmentally Benign Catalysis-
H. Morimoto 11/21/2007

Cationic Phosphine-Gold(I) Catalysis for C-C Forming Reaction with C≡C
-Can relativistic effects rationalize its reactivity?-
W. Itano 11/15/2007

New Models of Asymmetric Amplication in Amino Acid Catalysis
T. Mashiko 10/31/2007

Transition Metal Catalyzed Intermolecular Formations of Ar-Ar Bond : post-Cross Coupling
H. Noda 10/20/2007

What Reactions will Innovate Target-Oriented Syntheses ?
K. Oisaki 10/13/2007

Silylenes in Organic Synthesis
Y. Shimizu 2007/9/27/2007

Total Synthesis of (+)-Saxitoxin
A. Kuramochi 9/12/2007

Art Complex for Catalytic C-C Bond-Forming Reaction
T. Mashiko 9/8/2007


Detection/Observation Methods of Short-Lived/Single Molecules

-Toward Watching "Living Molecules"-
H. Morimoto 8/1/2007

Stereochemistry as Information
H. Noda (2007/7/25)

Direct Reactivity Umpolung
Y. Shimizu 7/4/2007

Current Working Environment of Woman Scientist
R. Motoki 6/20/2007

Enantioselective Organocatalysis Using HOMO, LUMO and SOMO Activation
H. Mihara 6/16/2007

Solid-Supported Reagents for Organic Synthesis
D. Tomita 5/30/2007

Directed (Chelated) Catalytic C-H Functionalization with Pd(II)/Pd(IV) Maniforld
W. Itano 5/23/2007

A Key Person: Phil S. Baran
-Let's consider total synthesis over his achievement-

A. Kuramochi 5/2/2007

Artificial Multiple-Stranded Molecular Helices
K. Oisaki 4/25/2007

Total Synthesis of Saudin
T. Nitabaru 4/18/2007

Anion-π Interaction
S.Harada 3/17/2007

Polymer Therapeutics
Y. Suto 3/10/2007

Recent Progress in Medicinal Organometallic Chemistry
T. Shibuguchi 2/21/2007

Reaction Progress Kinetic Analysis toward Mechanistric Studies of Complex Catalytic Reactions
H. Kakei 2/14/2007

Total Synthesis of Tetrodotoxin
-Testament to the power of C-H amination-

Y. Tanaka 2/7/2007

Targeting Telomere/Telomerase
N. Takahashi 1/31/2007

Total Synthesis of Guanacastepenes
Y. Kato 1/10/2007



Cyclobutadiene in Organic Synthesis
K. Yamatsugu 11/29/2006

Chiral Recognition by Artificial Molecules
A. Yamaguchi 11/22)

Total Synthesis of Ectenascidin 743
K. Hara 11/6/2006

Reversible Control of Viscoelasticity and Color
S. Makino 11/4/2006

Mechanism Elucidation of Immune System
-Using Chemicalbiological Method-

I. Fujimori 10/28/2006

Nucleophilic Substitution & Addition Reaction toward Olefin
S. Handa 10/21/2006

Total Synthesis of Spongistatin
Z. Chen -/-/2006

Self-Assembled Molecular Cage and Chemistry in Isolated Nanospace
K. Oisaki 9/19/2006

FRET with a focus on organic and inorganic dyes
K . Yamatsugu 9/13/2006

Catalytic Enantioselective Metal-Carbenoid-Induced C-H Insertion Reactions
A. Yamaguchi 9/9/2006

S. Makino 7/29/2006

Efficent Synthetic Strategy for Vicinal Diamine Product
I. Fujimori 7/19/2006

Fullerene Chemistry
K. Hara 7/-/2006

Palladium Catalyzed Oxidative Reactions with Molecular Oxygen as Cooxidant
-From the Mechanistic Viewpoint-

S. Handa 7/15)

Asymmetric Multicomponent Reactions Using Enantioselective Approach
Z. Chen -/-/2006

Drug Developement: Process Research
T. Mita 6/7/2006

Where will Total Synthesis have gone ?
A. Kuramochi -/-/2006

Dynamic Combinatorial Chemistry
-Never Ending Quest for High-Performance Chemical Discovery-
K. Oisaki 5/6/2006

Recent Advances in Cross-Coupling Reactions
K. Maki 3/18/2006

-NMR Chromatography-
S. Harada 3/08/2006

Atropselective Synthesis of Axially Chiral Biaryl Compounds
H. Kakei -/-/2006

Self-Assembly from Molecular Viewpoint
Y. Suto 2/10/2006

Transition Metal-catalyzed Direct Borylation of Arenes and Alkanes
T. Shibuguchi 2/1/2006

Construction of Pentacyclic Guanidinum Skeleton
H. Noda 1/25/2006

Total Synthesis of Gelsemine
Y. Shimizu 1/11/2006



Total Synthesis of Proteasome Inhibitor: Salinosporamide A and its Biological Aspects
M. Sugita 12/21/2005

Determination of Kinetic Isotope Effects at Natural Abundance
-Singleton's method as an useful mechanistic probes-

H. Morimoto 11/5/2005

Self-Assembling Galators - Toward New Functional Materials
R. Motoki -/-/2005

Stereoselective Carbon-Carbon bond Cleavage Reaction and Insertion
H. Mihara 10/26/2005

Regio- and Stereoselective Synthesis of Boryl-Substituted Allylsilanes via Transition Metal-Catalyzed Silaboration
D. Tomita 9/14/2005

W. Itano 9/10/2005

Mechanism of Oxidation by Copper-Dioxygen Complexes
R. Wada 7/30/2005

Catalyzed [3,3]-sigmatropic rearrangement
S. Tosaki 7/6/2005

Assembled Molecules and New Functions: Implications for Sophisticated Asymmetric Catalysis
R. Takita 6/22/2005

Genetic Code Expansion
-Incorporation of Non-Natural Amino Acids into Proteins-

R. Motoki 5/25/2005

Total Synthesis of (+)-Cyanthiwigin U
H. Mihara 5/18/2005

Develpment of π-Basic Dearomatization Agent: Chemistry of η2-Coordination Type Reaction
M. Sugita 4/20/2005

Organometallic Reaction in Aqueous Media
D. Tomita -/-/2005

Total Synthesis of Allocyathin B2
W. Itano 4/6/2005

A New Entry to Diene Synthesis: Ring Closing Enyne Metathesis Catalyzed by Ruthenium Carbene Complex
H. Morimoto -/-/2005

Atropselective Synthesis of Axially Chiral Biaryl Compounds
H. Kakei -/-/2005

Total Synthesis of Spirotryprostatin B
S. Handa 3/9/2005

Teruaki Mukaiyama's Recent Studies
T. Mita 5/2/2005

C-H Activation and Related Reactions
K. Maki 2/2/2005

Grignard Reaction: Effort Toward Mechanism
S. Sakuraba 1/26/2005

Iridium/Iodide-Catalyzed Methanol Carbonylation
K. Yamatsugu 1/19/2005

Total Synthesis of Amphidinolide
A. Yamaguchi 1/12/2005



S. Harada 12/11/2004

Recent Development in Metal Catalyzed Hydroamination Reactions
H. Qin 11/20/2004

An Overview of Genuine Organocatalytic Reactions
V. Gnanadesikan -/-/2004

Catalytic Propargylic Alkylation
Y. Suto 10/27/2004

Short Synthesis of Natural Product
H. Shigehisa 10/6/2004

Selective Oxidation of Organic Chemicals Under Aerobic Conditions
-Catalytic Aerobic Alcohol Oxidation-

T. Shibuguchi 10/4/2004

Radical Reactions Using Persistent Radical Effect
H. Kakei 9/29/2004

Synthesis of Carbohydrate Based Therapeutics
-Toward Automated Synthesis of Oligosaccharides-

R. Wada 9/22/2004

Iron-Catalyzed Oxidation Reactions
S. Tosaki 9/8/2004

Another Aspect of the Origin of Homochirality
R. Takita 7/28/2004

Recent Reports by Danishefsky Laboratory
A. Kuramochi 6/30/2004

Can a Computer Predict Organic Reactions ?
-ab initio Molecular Dynamics Simulation-

K. Oisaki 6/23/2004

Nuculeophilic Organocatalyst -Phosphine Catalyst-
K. Majima 6/16/2004

Fluorine Chemistry
-Construction of Fluorinated Organic Compounds-
M. Suzuki 5/15/2004

Imaginary Tactics for Target-Oriented Synthesis
-thought experiment-
N. Kumagai 4/21/2004

Domino Reactions in Organic Synthesis
-How do chemists overcome facing hurdles-

A. Kuramochi 3/6/2004

Synthesis of Medium Sized Rings
H. Usuda 3/17/2004

Total Synthesis of Tetrodotoxin
W.Itano -/-/2004

Total Synthesis of Quinine
H. Morimoto 2/18/2004

Visualization of PKB Behavior by Using Fluorescent Probe
R. Motoki 1/28/2004

Philosophy on Catalyst Tunings
T. Kinoshita 1/7/2004

Catalytic Asymmetric Dihydroxylation
K. Sasaki 1/21/2004

Recent Advances in Solid Catalysis
N. Kumagai -/-/2004



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