Feb. 1, 2023: Dr. Yamatsugu received Lectureship Award MBLA.

Dr. Yamatsugu (Assistant Professor) received Lectureship Award MBLA in 2022 (Research subject: Chemical Catalysis Enabling Synthetic Intervention in Cellular Epigenome). Congratulations!

Jan. 21, 2023: Our past achievements

Celebrating the 12th birthday of the lab, we have summarized all of our past achievements in several reviews. We encourage student/postdoc candidates who will or intend to join our lab to read through those reviews.

Catalytic acceptorless dehydrogenation
Boron-catalyzed chemoselective enolization of carboxylic acids
Copper-catalyzed chemoselective reactions
Chromium-catalyzed reactions
Amyloid photooxygenation
Synthetic epigenetics
Catalysis medicine
Protein modifications



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