Research Topics

Catalysis for clean, robust, and concise complex molecule synthesis

1. Development of new catalysis to facilitate complex molecule synthesis
2. Clean, robust, and concise synthesis of pharmaceuticals and their leads
3. Mechanistic studies of new catalyses
4. H2 and O2 activation
5. Conceptually new approach to promote human health

The main theme of our research is the development of revolutionary catalyses facilitating new drug design and synthesis. In this direction, we would like to promote human health based on the catalysis development. Chemical synthesis in 21st century should be clean, robust, and concise, no matter how complex the target molecules are. The “ideal synthesis” will be only possible by new catalytic methodologies. Moreover, new catalyses will expand the diversity of readily available building blocks, leading to structurally novel artificial drug design. Studies toward deep understanding of the catalytic mechanism is extremely important for further advance of the field. Environmental preservation based on new catalysis is another direction of our research. Specifically, we are interested in catalytic activations of small molecules such as H2 and O2 .


Catalysis, complex molecule synthesis, design of functional molecules, health and energy, molecular ocillation



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